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What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the act of giving a third-party the responsibility of running what would otherwise be an internal system or service. For instance, an insurance company might outsource their claims processing program, an airline may outsource their reservation department or a technology organization could outsource their customer service. Common examples of BPO are call centers which have increased in popularity over the past decade.

Typically, companies that are looking at Business Process Outsourcing are hoping to achieve time and cost savings by handing the work to a third-party that provides economies of scale by doing the same work for many companies. Cost savings can also be achieved as labor costs are usually lower due to reduced costs of living in various countries.

A growing number of companies, both large and small, have moved to Business Process Outsourcing… especially during tough economic times. Organizations must cut costs and streamline their operations. Business Process Outsourcing affords companies this opportunity.